Update: The latest releases of the templates are only for Visual Studio 2013

Christoc's templates have become the de-facto standard for getting started with DotNetNuke Module Development. Installing them is easy to do, but we'll document the steps here in this tutorial just to be sure you get it done correctly. The most recently releases of the templates are available for DotNetNuke 7+, using Visual Studio 2012, and Visual Studio 2013Express For Web, if you need older templates check out some of the older releases on the Codeplex Project page.

Starting with Version 4.0 of the templates there are actually 5 individual templates included. 2 C# module templates, and 2 VB.Net moduletemplates, covering both the original DAL (data access layer) and DAL2 (new in DNN7). There is also a new C# Theme Template.

If you are using Visual Studio 2013 (not Express for Web), the easiest way to install the templates is through the Visual Studio Gallery, watch this video for how to use the Gallery to install the templates.

Module Development Template Installation Thumbnail

If you are using Visual Studio 2013 Express for Web, or even Visual Studio 2013 and you want to download and install the templates yourself, you can grab the latest VSIX from the DNN Store, or the Codeplex Project page. Once you've downloaded that VSIX double click on it to execute/install. This video walks you through that VSIX installation process.

Module Development Template Installation for VS2012 Express Thumbnail

For instructions on how to Customize the Templates, read this Tutorial.