DNNSimpleArticle Module for DotNetNuke

The DNNSimpleArticle Module for DNN is a simple, open source module that allows you to create and manage a list of articles for your website. It can be used for a Blog, News Articles, or even a Photography Portfolio.

You can download or contribute to the module at https://github.com/ChrisHammond/dnnsimplearticle


  • Easily Create new Articles
  • Multiple Listing Options
  • Customize Listing Display
  • Customize Article Display (coming soon)
  • Customize the URL for an Article
  • Categorization provided through DNN Taxonomy
  • SEO functionality for article display providing HTML Title, Meta-Description and Meta-Keyword functionality
  • Dynamically loaded Controls for ArticleList and ArticleView based on ArticleId parameter
  • Displays list of Categories below Article on ArticleDisplay and ArticleList (article list category display is configurable with a module setting)
  • Uses MSBuild for automated packaging
  • 8 Years of Development and more coming