DotNetNuke Consulting

Here at we specialize in DotNetNuke (DNN). Having been involved with the project since January 2003 (DNN was first release in December 2002) you will have a hard time finding a company that has more experience with the platform. We provide consulting services on a variety of DotNetNuke topics, some of those you can find listed here on the page. To get started with visit our Contact page and drop us a line.

Website Theming

Taking a custom design, skin, for DotNetNuke, and making it work with all of the various types of content that you will want to provide on your website is an important part of building a website with DNN. We will help you to make sure that the theme of your website matches the brand guidelines within your organization.

Video Training

Do you have a DotNetNuke website that you need to provide training resources for? Let create custom training materials for your team to be able to leverage anytime, on demand. We will work with your team to define a syllabus of resources that will be created, create those resources, and then help you deliver those resources to your employees or customers as necessary.

Product Demo Videos

Would you like to have a series of short videos for DotNetNuke Modules or Skins that you've created? can assist you with the creation and distribution of those videos, providing both the voice talent, and video production services.

We Know DNN

DotNetNuke Support has provided support for the DotNetNuke (DNN) platform for 15+ years. We provide a variety of support options, please visit our DNN Support page for more information about our support for DotNetNuke.

Module Development

Custom module development is the basis for the flexibility of the DNN Platform. has been developing and maintaining modules for DotNetNuke since early 2003. If you can't find an off the shelf module that does 100% of what you need, we can help you get that 100% completion of functionality, either through customizing existing modules, or developing ground up solutions for your organization.

Skin and Theme Implementation

Making your website unique to your business and brand is important, implementing a custom skin allows you to do that all while using functionality that the DNN platform provides. We can work with your designers to take their vision and implement that vision in a DotNetNuke skin, or you can work with and our design partners to create a vision that matches your brand.

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