This module is no longer maintained or supported. As of September 2020, it can still be ran in DNN, as far as we know.

  • Chat logging in DotNetNuke Database using DAL2 (logs connections and all messages)
  • Ability for users to change their name in the chat window with /nick
  • Ability to create rooms by typing /join RoomName, or join existing rooms in the same manner
  • Shows the number of connected chat users when in the room
  • Defaults anonymous users to Anonymous# based on their number in the user queue
  • Uses Display Name if the a user is logged in to the DNN site Strips all HTML from posts
  • Shows when a user connects or disconnects 
  • Highlights messages that mention your "nick" in a different CSS class
  • Shows previous message history when you connect
  • Ability to Delete messages (admin only, click on Date stamp next to a message)
  • Messages are soft deleted
  • Chat Archives page built into the module to retrieve older posts.
  • Administrative Interface to Add/Edit/Remove Rooms
  • Archive View available to get to "history"

dnnCHAT Module for DotNetNuke

The dnnCHAT Module (formerly SignalRChat) for DotNetNuke is a simple open source module that allows you to provide a chat interface on your website in which visitors can interact with other users. You can find the source code hosted at  https://github.com/ChrisHammond/dnnCHAT


  • Latest Release V03.00.00
  • Download the Module 
  • Let us customize the module for your business (coming soon)
  • Live Demo No Longer Available


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