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A quick summary before I go into a lot more details below: I’ve setup a GitHub workflow that is designed to run in a DNN module’s repository on GitHub, specifically one that is built using my DNN Templates for Visual Studio and leveraging module for remote deployment. The action will setup the environment so that it can grab the deploy client executable, it compiles the module in release mode to build the INSTALL zip package, it then uploads that Zip file to the website configured as the deployment target.

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Here's an updated version of a blog post that Chris Hammond has posted a couple of different times over the past 19 years.

Upgrading DotNetNuke is actually fairly easy, you can do so with ease in most cases, though occasionally you may run into a problem or two. If you follow the steps below you should be able to recover from any issues and get your website back up and running in its original state.

If you're looking for a quick and easy way to change the background on your Windows 10 computer, be sure to check out this simple tutorial.

If you’re running a DotNetNuke (DNN) based website, and you’ve wondered how to embed Google Adsense into your site, this tutorial is for you! There are a couple of options for adding Google Adsense code to your page, we’ll go through easy ways to do this.

  1. You could buy a module from the DNN store, but that’ll cost you $$$, why pay for something when you can do it for free?
  2. You can add it to a page with the HTML Module
  3. You can add it to a page using the Razor Module
  4. You can embed it into the Module Settings of ANY module on a page
  5. You can embed it into the Skin/Theme/Design of your pages.
  6. With Auto Ads you can simply add it to the Page Header Tags in your site settings

This is a tutorial, or bug fix, about a problem that has occurred within our Project templates for a long time, but it is not a problem that we’ve been able to track down a 100% preventative solution for.

After creating a module using our Template in Visual Studio, the next time you go to Load the website in a browser, you may run across a very generic and unuseful error. The site will fail to load, and you will see a Generic error message in the URL, something along the lines of:


With the V7.0 release of the DNN project templates, you can now "customize" your projects upon creation using our Wizard Interface. Check out this tutorial for details on the items you can customize

In Upgrading to the latest Beta release of ActiveForums (currently 6.2.8) I found that the "Theme" I had running on SCCAForums was old and outdated, and using HTML Tables for layout (gasp!). 

In order to get the new Bootstrap theme going I had to remove the theme I was using, and change a few settings.

For some reason, every once in a while one of our ActiveForum websites seems to “lose” settings that have been applied to it, and reverts back to setting we don’t necessarily want configured for the site. This morning we ran into such a problem, likely related to the upgrade we did last week on the site to 6.1.5.

In order to use the DNN Theme Project template (new with the 4.0 release of Christoc’s development templates, January 2015), you will need to follow the steps laid out in this tutorial exactly. If you choose to not follow each of the steps, you may run into trouble and will have to figure out things on your own. As always, support for our tutorials is provided in the form of paid DNN Support and Consulting. You can also visit and possibly get some free support there, but no guarantees are made that support will be provided there.

I must admit, the work I have done over the years with DotNetNuke has involved working with modules that I control, build, and have a say in. I am set in my ways of how I like to do things, and believe that my approach to DNN module development is one of the easiest approaches to the DNN platform, because of this I have put a lot of time and effort into my Module Development Templates.

Occasionally I come across other people’s modules in my consulting work, and it tends to frustrate me when I have to do things outside of my own little “perfect module development environment”. I want to be able to switch to “Release” mode in Visual Studio and build, and have the scripts package the module I am working on so that I can easily deploy it to a customer’s development or staging environment. I had just such an experience this evening, working on customizing a module for a customer, and they had the Source to a third party module that I needed to make changes to. There is no packaging or build process anywhere inside of this module, even to the point where there are missing files in the “source” project itself.

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