For some reason, every once in a while one of our ActiveForum websites seems to “lose” settings that have been applied to it, and reverts back to setting we don’t necessarily want configured for the site. This morning we ran into such a problem, likely related to the upgrade we did last week on the site to 6.1.5.

This morning a customer reported that they could not upload PDF attachments to the forum, so we dug into the database to see why. First we started with a simple query to see what settings were currently in use for the Allowed Attachment Types.


FROM    activeforums_settings
WHERE   settingname LIKE '%attachtype%'


From there it was a matter of configuring the file type extensions that we wanted to allow to be uploaded. We decided to do this in bulk across all the forums/groups in the database, but you might want to limit this to a specific forum, forums, or group(s).

UPDATE  activeforums_settings
SET     settingvalue = 'jpg,gif,pdf,doc,docx,xls,xlsx,png'

That SQL there will execute and update all the forums/groups to use the same setting for the allowed extension types to be uploaded.

If you need any consulting assistance with your DNN ActiveForums based website, be sure to drop us a line.